David Samson Flipped When Julio The Octopus Accidentally Won The Marlins’ Sea Creature Race

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Thiswinter season has held plenty in the method of ridiculous news about the Miami Marlins; it hasn’t even been 2 months considering that a complete news cycle was dedicated to MarlinsMan grumbling on the radio about his absence of welcome to a season ticketholders’ conference with Derek Jeter, eventually getting a welcome to stated conference, revealing that he would participate in just on behalf of the soldiers, then utilizing his time at the conference to strike Jeter with a traditional, “Doyou understand who I am?” But no news from the Marlins this winter season has actually been rather so absurd approximately stunning as this– a story declaring that previous group president David Samson lost his shit one day a couple of years back when perma-loser Julio the Octopus inadvertently won the sixth-inning sea animal mascot race, thanks to Billy the Marlin making a near-fatal error by falling and tripping on Angel the Crab.

CraigMish of SiriusXM was the very first to share this, after fellow Miami radio host Andy Slater reported that the whole race would be nixed this season. (What isn’t reallybeing cut under the brand-new program?) Mish’s story appears so absurd that it checks out like it should be a joke:

Butthe MiamiNew Timesasked Mish some concerns, and there’s no joke here. The NewTimespiece is actually worth reading completely; here’s a bit that sets the scene for the race in concern:

Thepurple, slightly horrible cephalopod had actually run numerous times considering that Marlins Stadium opened in 2012, and he ‘d never ever won. He ‘d been hacked down by Darth Vader on Star Wars night. He ‘d been tripped by bullpen doors. And Billy the Marlin had actually consistently actioned in to obstruct his course to success.

Butsomething extremely unusual occurred at this video game.

Somethingweirder than being sliced by a space-opera bad guy or warded off by a door or tripped by a fish! Something extremely unusual, undoubtedly: on May 27, 2015, success lastly came from Julio theOctopus It’s real. While Billy the Marlin was apparently expectedto come in and journey Julio, making sure another loss for the octopus according to normal, he inadvertently tripped Angel the Crab rather:

Samsonwas not pleased about the mascot getting his very first win in years by means of fuck-up, as would naturally be the very first thing on any group president’s mind after another loss for his sub-.500club. “Davidcan be found in and was livid that Julio won,” Mish informed NewTimes “Hestated, ‘Thatcan never ever occur! He’s never ever expected to win!’ And he stated that if it ever occurred once again, he ‘d fire everybody.”

MangerMike Redmond was fired later on that day, after the Marlins lost 6-0 to theBraves Did Redmond crave Julio’s (and Billy’s, and Angel’s) sins? It makes you question.

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