Sen. Bob Corker ducks concerns about re-election choice Video

  • NowPlaying: Sen Bob Corker ducks concerns about re-election choice

  • NowPlaying: Sessions draws fire for ‘Anglo-Americanheritage’ remark at constables’ conference

  • NowPlaying: Trump aims to move spotlight to $200B facilities strategy

  • NowPlaying: Sanders states Trump ‘supports victims of domestic violence,’ takes accusations ‘really seriously’

  • NowPlaying: National Portrait Gallery reveals Obama pictures

  • NowPlaying: Trump states Porter is worthy of ‘due procedure’

  • NowPlaying: Former White House assistant’s ex-wife eyelashes back at Trump

  • NowPlaying: White House abuse scandal

  • NowPlaying: Weekend rewind

  • NowPlaying: Trump safeguarding previous White House personnel secretary Rob Porter

  • NowPlaying: Matthew Dowd on Porter accusations: It’s a ‘ethical issue’ permitted to ‘fester’ under Trump

  • NowPlaying: Two White House assistants resign after accusations of domestic abuse surface area

  • NowPlaying: ‘Clearlythere was a breakdown in procedure’: Chris Christie on Porter’s access to categorized information

  • NowPlaying: Kellyanne Conway: Trump has ‘complete self-confidence’ in chief of personnel, ‘not actively browsing’ for replacements

  • NowPlaying: President Trump sounds off after 2 employee resign

  • NowPlaying: Trump will not declassify Democratic counterclaim to Republican memo

  • NowPlaying: Trump breaks silence on Rob Porter abuse accusations

  • NowPlaying: Government enters into short shutdown as senator hold-ups votes

  • NowPlaying: ‘Thefight is not over’: FCC commissioner states on repeal of net neutrality defenses

  • NowPlaying: Trump ‘stunned’ by accusations of abuse including staffer

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